The most durable High Definition cutter on the market. Various applications.

Cutting length From 3000 mm
Cutting width From 3000 up to 6000 mm
Cutting type Plasma Gaz
Cutting thickness Up to 80 mm (depending on plasma cutter) From 1 to 200 mm (optional up to 300 mm)
Torches Up to 2 Up to 4 (more available)
Cutting speed Up to 20 m/min
Positioning accuracy ± 0.05 mm
Table type Extraction table
Drive AC servomotor

Example machine configuration.
Machine configured to user requirements.

FIRECUT GOLD is the most advanced CNC 3D cutter. Rigid frame, reinforced machine portal for 5-axis 3D head and other attachments for plasma cutting, gas cutting and drilling. Built-in high quality components guarantee chamfered part cutting accuracy at the entire length. FIRECUT GOLD with portal support arm and pipe and section positioner allows unlimited configurations for high quality plasma arc cutting.

FIRECUT GOLD is designed for users who want to expand their stock with a multi-task, specialist machine featuring optimized and maximum cutting performance and low operational costs.

Standard accessories

  • Intelligent Sectional Extraction Table
    • Easy dross pan cleaning
    • Heavy duty and compatible with filter and ventilation systems.
    • Modular design for different size tables
    • Intelligent sections which open automatically in the cutting zone only
    • Safe and efficient machine operation

  • Oxygen cutting support
    • Height Control OHC
    • Smooth perforation (up to 110 mm)
    • Automatic or manual gas console
    • Automatic or manual ignition

  • Plasma cutting support
    • Automatic Height Control THC
    • Contact Sheet Detection System IHS
    • Laser Torch Position Indicator
    • Magnetic torch mount to prevent damage

  • Plasma routing and marking
    • Standard equipment of HD plasma cutters

  • Contact Sheet Detection System IHS
    • High precision positioning of plasma torch and steel sheet
    • Quick cutting start at any point

  • Laser Torch Position Indicator
    • High precision torch position indicator
    • Indicates start position of the torch without lowering the head
    • Reduced machine preparation time

  • Central Lubrication System
    • Maintenance-free, failure-free and long term operation of linear bearings
    • Two to three times longer life of linear components
    • Protection against damage due to dry run
    • Smooth portal movement

  • CNC
    • CNC controller installed on the machine portal allows a full cutting process control
    • Intuitive user interface with a 15″ touch-screen and a wizard for easy operation
    • Wireless WiFi connection and portable memory storage reader for program transfer

  • CAD/CAM software
    • Wide range of functions for flexible programming on multiple machines and multiple cutting processes

Optional accessories

  • i3D Bevel Head
    • Innovative i3D head design for high precision chamfering and bevelling of sheets and profiles
    • V, A, Y, K and X cutting for welding
    • Torch height sensor, laser indicator, anti-collision protection, True Hole® and True Bevel® technology

  • Filter and ventilation device
    • Absorbs and filters smoke and dust
    • Automatic filter cartridge cleaning
    • Guarantees safe working conditions

  • Portal extension arm for pipe and section cutting
    • Cutting items outside of the working table
    • Cutting large size sections, beams and non-standard materials

  • Positioner for pipe and section cutting
    • Cutting any shapes in pipes and sections using gas or plasma torch
    • Compatible with i3D head for chamfering (FIRECUT GOLD only)
    • 50-600 mm diameter pipe cutting as standard
    • Support stand for long pipes or sections
    • Square section fixing system

  • Mechanical routing and marking attachment
    • Marking points, characters and lines with hardened needle

  • Drill attachment
    • Mechanical hole drilling

  • Safety barrier
    • Optical sensor or trip wires automatically stops the machine at any obstacle during cutting

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