Intelligent Sectional Extraction Table

Intelligent Sectional Extraction Table

  • Easy dross pan cleaning
  • Heavy duty and compatible with filter and ventilation systems.
  • Modular design for different size tables
  • Intelligent sections which open automatically in the cutting zone only
  • Safe and efficient machine operation

Oxygen cutting support

  • Height Control OHC
  • Smooth perforation (up to 110 mm)
  • Automatic or manual gas console
  • Automatic or manual ignition

Plasma cutting support

  • Automatic Height Control THC
  • Contact Sheet Detection System IHS
  • Laser Torch Position Indicator
  • Magnetic torch mount to prevent damage

Plasma routing and marking

  • Standard equipment of HD plasma cutters

Contact Sheet Detection System IHS

  • High precision positioning of plasma torch and steel sheet
  • Quick cutting start at any point

Laser Torch Position Indicator

  • High precision torch position indicator
  • Indicates start position of the torch without lowering the head
  • Reduced machine preparation time

Central Lubrication System

  • Maintenance-free, failure-free and long term operation of linear bearings
  • Two to three times longer life of linear components
  • Protection against damage due to dry run
  • Smooth portal movement


  • CNC controller installed on the machine portal allows a full cutting process control
  • Intuitive user interface with a 15” touch-screen and a wizard for easy operation
  • Wireless WiFi connection and portable memory storage reader for program transfer

CAD/CAM software

  • Wide range of functions for flexible programming on multiple machines and multiple cutting processes