Filter and ventilation device

Filter and ventilation device

  • Absorbs and filters smoke and dust
  • Automatic filter cartridge cleaning
  • Guarantees safe working conditions

Portal extension arm for pipe and section cutting

  • Cutting items outside of the working table
  • Cutting large size sections, beams and non-standard materials

Positioner for pipe and section cutting

  • Cutting any shapes in pipes and sections using gas or plasma torch
  • Compatible with i3D head for chamfering (FIRECUT GOLD only)
  • 50-600 mm diameter pipe cutting as standard
  • Support stand for long pipes or sections
  • Square section fixing system

i3D Bevel Head

  • Innovative i3D head design for high precision chamfering and bevelling of sheets and profiles
  • V, A, Y, K and X cutting for welding
  • Torch height sensor, laser indicator, anti-collision protection, True Hole® and True Bevel® technology

Safety barrier

  • Optical sensor or trip wires automatically stops the machine at any obstacle during cutting

Drill attachment

  • Mechanical hole drilling

Mechanical routing and marking attachment

  • Marking points, characters and lines with hardened needle